Poker Etiquette

I had been playing at the casino not too long ago and in a house game which I sometimes frequent and I was blown away by a couple of things that I watched. No, not a dreadful bad beat or any donkey chasing down a 4 outer to bust a guy on the river. It was unbelievably horrible poker manners. I know this is a sport where we’re supposed to attempt to take everything out of our opponents and if they go on tilt, our task can become that much simpler. However, there is an etiquette involved when playing with this game and I will go over a few of those examples I saw when playing live plus some others in general.

Not to be mistaken with slow playing which is obviously OK. Slow rolling is when a hand becomes displayed down and you intentionally don’t rush in showing what you understand is the winner. For instance, if you’re holding AA and the board is A K 8 2, you know that you’ve got the best hand possible. So many times I have seen people with the nuts wait for their opponent to reveal their cards or they go for the dramatic effect and gradually turn their cards over. When you have the best hand (and it’s usually pretty obvious once you do) then just show it at once and gather the chips. There’s no need to show up your competition. He is likely going to be leaning anyhow from losing a big pot without dumb antics like slowrolling involved. Anybody who does it blatantly should have to get junk punched from the person he did it . The only time it’s OK is if you are good friends with someone and you’ve got that kind of relationship. I have a buddy that I can get away with stuff like that. To illustrate these two love to go at each other, here’s a movie on a previous episode where Antonio calls Phil’s all in…. And now, here is your slowroll…. Aside from that however, simply show your cards Poker

Discussing When You Are Not In The Hand: This is pretty bad also. I was in a hand awhile back where the flop was J 8 rainbow. Myself and 2 players were at the hand, one was utg, one was immediately to his left and I was in the cutoff (one from the BB). I had been holding pocket 9’s. The UTG player moves in. The second guy goes into the tank for quite awhile. He is talking out loud (he shouldn’t be doing when there’s a different player in the hand. Heads up it’s OK) trying to sort out exactly what he thinks the all in player could have. . I place him onto a set of 8’s or 6’s, probably 6’s. In any event, I know I’m calling but I am trying to make it look like I need him to pick so that I can fold. I am holding my cards in a way which makes it look like I’m getting prepared to muck that I believe made calling harder for him. All of a sudden, the guy to my right begins talking. “Well, there’s a straight out there using 10 7 but there’s no flush. Perhaps he slow played JJ…” I looked at him and told him he needed to be quiet and he states he can say whatever he wants. The trader immediately intervened and told him not to talk when he is not playing. It is not up to you to speak about a hand you’re not involved in. Perhaps you say something like”In the way he bet I think he is bluffing”. Well, maybe the individual in the hand didn’t catch what you did and now he calls with a hand, causing the very first guy to lose some money. Or maybe you’re incorrect, causing the guy that requires more cash because he chooses what you said into consideration. Either way, you don’t need to be effecting the results. Incidentally, the next guy did fold and he did have pocket 6’s. I called and also the UTG player showed 10 7 (which I just could not put him on because up to that point he’d played pretty straightforward and 10 7 UTG is a horrible hand. Luckily for me I rivered an 8 to make a full house. 😉

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