Water Collection Hats Needed – A Crazy Eco Innovation Idea and Concept

The other day, I was sitting in Starbucks and I noticed someone with one of those cool hats, the kind that you’d expect a bookie to wear or a Cuban tycoon. I got to thinking that that hat might be problematic for someone who was out of the rain because it would collect water on the hat, and send it flowing down onto your back, or if you’re tilting your head forward, it would spill all over you. Nevertheless, a hat of that shape would be quite good for collecting water.

Since we do have a water crisis, why not use hats to collect water, freshwater for drinking later. In many parts of the world they have monsoons, and rainy seasons. The water floods and rushes to the ocean, and then in the summers it is quite dry with not enough water. It’s a Catch-22, people pray for rain during the summer, during the drought season, and then they get flooded out come the first monsoon.

Worse, the summer season is even tougher because the populations have increased and with increased populations there is greater water use for an already overtaxed supply. It wouldn’t be hard for everyone to collect the water as they go through their daily routines when it rains. And in many of these countries the water is polluted, and it has parasites and it. Rainwater is pure, and it is ready to drink. Would it be difficult to collect water using a hat? No not really.

In fact, if the hat had little tubes coming from it all the way down someone’s back and along the sides of their legs you could put Mini-Hydro-Wheels at or around the knees to generate small amounts of electricity. Remember electricity is also scarce in many countries, but the citizens could use that electricity to power up small tech devices such as iPads, or smart phones.

Why not utilize the Rainwater, and the hats that people are already wearing? Such a system wouldn’t cost that much, and once the water got down to the ankles it could flow into a little bottle, which might later be used to drink. Water pollution and water scarcity is a serious problem in our world, and many people are concerned with energy generation causing pollution. Maybe this simple solution might be great for people who live in remote regions of our world, and are very poor.

If you have an interesting eco-solution or innovation, no matter how crazy you think the idea might be then please shoot me an e-mail so we can talk about it. I certainly hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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