Expert Product Photography Tips for the DIY Enthusiast


Product photography is the art of photographing a product on its own against a plain backdrop. An easy background will help to remove distractions out of the item. But whilst photos with this type will seem to be straightforward enough in reality it is not. Product photography is interesting if you want to sell a few personal items on eBay and getting it right means that you sell far more products than you otherwise would. But when it comes to selling commercial products that this type of advertisement photography needs a lot more knowledge, skill and experience. Below are a couple of hints which should allow you to spice up up pictures of the several products you sell on line.

The Ideal area

The basic yet important part of product photography is your location. If you have plainly colored walls you can simply push a desk against the wall, then put a card onto the table and set your product onto it. Ideally, the card should pay a portion of the wall and have no creases. This will assist you create a seamless white background.product photography services

Lighting installation

The next issue you ought to accomplish is to light your product up correctly. The most elementary is that a two light setup which is far much better than being forced to rely on natural sunlight. Massive strobes, speed lights, and sexy lamps are a couple of things that you should possess. However, if you really don’t two white light bulbs can be used on either since of the goods. Make sure that the light is diffused so you do not ruin the shot with unpleasant shadows that draw care away from this item. A reflector, soft box, shoot umbrella and reflective umbrella is also used to defuse the light.

Take numerous shots

It is wise to take more than 1 shot from various angles of one’s product. Close up shots and a couple shots from some distance should help add variety. It’s also advisable to alter the position of the item and fix the camera position marginally to capture more amount.


Based on what you’re attempting to sell i.e..the product type and size you’ll be able to make use of a macro lens which helps take more detailed shots. The beauty of macro lenses is that they are ready to focus tightly on the product from a space and ensure minimal sharpness. Many people who sell personal items on e bay will benefit from investing at a macro lens.

Professional Solution photography

While photographing a item which you are going to sell in an auction site by yourself is perfectly alright you’ll need to hire a professional photographer if you are creating your personal brand of merchandise. Companies both large and small have to spend money on hiring a seasoned product photographer with years of experience and also a rock solid portfolio should they want successfully market their services and products. In the current media rich world getting detected and gaining credibility relies a great deal on top excellent product photographs.