Tired of Playing “Regular” Poker


And over the past couple of decades, the majority of people have also been aware of Texas Hold’Em. But there exists a brand new type of poker that’s fast rising in popularity that’s been around for hundreds of years called Badugi.

Badugi includes a couple of similarities and many differences when comparing to conventional poker.

Similarities – The betting sequences and blinds are exactly the same as conventional poker.

Differences – Hands include 4 cards, and the game is played in three rounds throughout which the gamer can swap between zero and four cards for new cards from the deck. Lower cards are better at Badugi, together with the best possible hand being Ace-two-three-four.

At the end of the game, the player with the very best hand wins. A hands can be between one and four cards (produced from the cards at the player’s hands ). Duplicates of suit or number are disregarded. A four-card hand beats three cards, which then defeats two cards, which defeats one card.

Once any cards of the same suit or same number Gclub are disregarded, if both players’ hands subsequently have the same number of cards (by way of instance, if each player has a three-card hand), then a hands are contrasted and whoever has the lowest high card wins. For example:

2, 5, 4, 6

Player 2:

In this case, Player 1 wins because they are both four-card palms, but Player 1’s highest card (6) is lesser compared to Player 2’s highest card (9).

Here’s another illustration:

Player 1:
5 (diamond), 7 (club), King (club), King (heart) –> the King (club) is blown off since its suit is a copy –> reduces to 7, 5, K

Player two: