New Eco-Innovation – Lazy Susan Sun Tracker for Potted House Plants, Solar Energy Collection

If you have a quite a few house plants in your home as I do, then perhaps you’ve heard the theory that you should turn your plants around occasionally and allow them to face the Sun or light coming into your home from a different angle. This theory bothers me because plants in their natural setting don’t have themselves repositioned in that way. Yes, the Sun moves around as our axis tilts plus, or minus due to the seasonal planetary shifts, but the Sun still comes up more or less in the East and sets in the West.

Nevertheless, this theory, persists, one I completely disagree with, but others swear by. Now then, I have a very dear friend who often comes over and starts re-adjusting all the house plants, I wish she’d stop doing that, but she is one who believes it makes the plants work for a living, and keeps them strong by forcing them to re-adjust. Personally, I think this is just a really dirty trick on the planets, and I’d ask you how you’d like it if someone screwed with you like that as you just became perfectly acclimated to your environment?

Okay so, I have a better idea to help the plants out, a new invention if you will. Try to visualize a solar powered Lazy Susan Sun Tracker for potted house plants, where the plant sat on the swiveled base. Directly under the turn-style would be a battery, and the system would have a Sun positioning sensor, always facing the plan towards the Sun. Alongside the pot would be a solar panel, also always facing the sun and thus collecting energy.

The energy collected would move the swivel incrementally perhaps every hour or so as needed, just one turn of the geared wheel on the base. Obviously, that would not take much energy, but the additional energy could be used to charge cellphones, iPads, or other small personal tech devices with a very small inverter. This way everyone is happy now. Your plant, your iPad or smart phone, and you also, and finally, if anyone tries to turn your plants around, you can simply advise them that the system turns itself, so don’t touch anything.

It is my believe that this innovation and invention can be build for around $150 and they will sell to people who love their plants and want to live green. Please consider all this and think on it.

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