Forex Trading – Can I Really Earn Money From It or Is It Gambling?

Certainly not!

You need to understand that most of the forex traders are losing money!!!

Sorry to ruin it for you but it’s a known fact
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We need to explain how most of the traders are losing their money. The most significant reasons are lack of mental capability and patience. These skills are very hard to acquire. Of course there are more reasons for lack of success but I think that’s the major problems that people got and prevent them from being successful traders or at least with positive bankroll.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful trader! Anyone can be successful forex trader, the rules of how to trade are easy. The problem is to follow them.

What is the deference between forex trading and casino?

In both of them you can lose your money! Yea, shocking I know. The deference between them is that in forex trading the only one that responsible whether you winning or losing is you, while in the casino the games based on luck, it’s not really up to you, and in the long run you will lose.

The casino always gets advantage on the player, even though in some games you can minimize the casino advantage, but that’s not the issue.

In forex these kinds of games called “sum 0” (similar to poker). On each trader that loses there is a trader that wins. The forex brokers don’t want you to lose money because they earn money from your trading commissions so they want you to be successful (there is some indecent forex brokers, will talk more of that later), while in the casino the only thing they want is that you lose your money.

In the casino its instant fun and thrill while in the forex instant it’s a receipt for failure. Only with discipline and patience trader will succeed to win money. You need to follow strict rules, be strong mentally, think of the long term and not immediate satisfaction and Build your way slowly to success.

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